Bea Rose Santiago // Miss International 2013

Here are some unpublished photos of Bea Rose Santiago, Miss International 2013 before she flew to Japan last year and won. I thought this would be the most appropriate time to share these images as she turns over her crown to the new queen.


I remember meeting her for the first time during that shoot, she reminded me of Wonder Woman! Yes! Linda Carter! I fell in love with her instantly! I absolutely knew she was going to win. I also remembered Madam Stella Araneta instructing the make up artist that Bea Rose should look a young sweet girl, she said that the Japanese wanted that kind of look. That also explains why she was mostly wearing pink in this shoot.


Photographing in that same room in Araneta numerous times can drive you nuts. Seems like you’ve pretty much used all corners and mind you not all corners looks photogenic. During that time I’ve pretty much managed to just play with shadows. I also had brought with me this metallic fabric which I used to cover the hideous looking sofa (sorry madam! LOL)

Follow her on IG @bea.santiago

Thanks for reading!


Photography: Niccolo Cosme // Makeup by: Georginna Desuasido // Hair by: Jay Macasadduz









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