Here are some unpublished photos of Bea Rose Santiago, Miss International 2013 before she flew to Japan last year and won. I thought this would be the most appropriate time to share these images as she turns over her crown to the new queen.


I remember meeting her for the first time during that shoot, she reminded me of Wonder Woman! Yes! Linda Carter! I fell in love with her instantly! I absolutely knew she was going to win. I also remembered Madam Stella Araneta instructing the make up artist that Bea Rose should look a young sweet girl, she said that the Japanese wanted that kind of look. That also explains why she was mostly wearing pink in this shoot.


Photographing in that same room in Araneta numerous times can drive you nuts. Seems like you’ve pretty much used all corners and mind you not all corners looks photogenic. During that time I’ve pretty much managed to just play with shadows. I also had brought with me this metallic fabric which I used to cover the hideous looking sofa (sorry madam! LOL)

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Photography: Niccolo Cosme // Makeup by: Georginna Desuasido // Hair by: Jay Macasadduz








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OUT hosts JM Cubarubias, Avi Siwa and Jigs Mayuga
2004, GMA7 created television history when it
launched  “OUT!”— the first and only
magazine show  for the LGBT (Lesbians,
Gays,  Bisexual and Transgender).
The program was a platform for social awareness and
education, as well as a fearless cradle of inspiration for both members and
non-members of the LGBT community.
After ten years, GMA7 is doing this bold move once
again.  “OUT&PROUD!” is a Special
Documentary hosted by veteran broadcaster Vicky Morales to be aired on June 22,
2014 (Sunday) at 1030PM.  This Special is
an advocacy that will chronicle the evolutions and transformations of the
Filipino LGBT for the last ten years.  It
aims to be the voice that will position important issues such as Gay Marriage and
Philippines as a Gay-Friendly country,  as well as showcase influential members of the LGBT community that has
largely contributed to society. Interesting LGBT Stories from various areas of the Philippines were gathered from all over the country as well as Movers and Shakers of the LGT Community.
This Special Documentary aims to become the voice of the Filipino LGBT Today.

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An Evening of “Revelations”

by: Ced Apilado


There are some revelations that can change your world. When a son tells his parents that he is gay. When you sense that your sister might be a lesbian. When someone you love tells you about the discrimination experienced because of his or her sexual orientation and gender identity.

Niccolo Cosme, acclaimed conceptual photographer and LGBT activist, together with like-minded artists, held a collaborative art show last 27 May to call attention to the realities faced by the lesbian, gay bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) community. “Revelations”, the innovative, one-night-only exhibit brought together advocates and supporters to the table – a most unusual table laden with artworks by contemporary artists using a variety of media. Held at 71 Gramercy, the art show featured the following artists:

  • Brothers Niccolo and Ira Cosme: portraits on plates
  • Tatum Ancheta: Braille building blocks
  • Kim Barik: candelabra with melted rainbow candles
  • Brother and sister Tsard and Bea Chua: torsos
  • Robby Singh: doodles on table runner (10x4feet)
  • Joshua Formentara: black and white photos
  • Levenson Rodriguez – portraits in a gift box
  • Jeremiah Pena: video collaboration with LGBT rights supporters Kooky Tuason and Marty Tengco
  • Lhenvil Paneda: stigma chair
  • Irma Adlawin: reading of a mother’s letter to her gay son
  • Wanggo Gallaga: life-story on being gay

The collaborative art show was held in celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, with the special participation of Ganda (Gender and Development Advocates) Filipinas executive director Naomi Fontanos and members who were present to grace the occasion.

“Revelations” was held with the support of the following:

  • Artisano Studio
  • Office of Senator Pia Cayetano
  • Office of Senator Bam Aquino
  • Mayor Pie Alvarez
  • JCI Ortigas

“Revelations” was also conceptualized in support of “OUTT&PROUD, a special documentary which chronicles the evolution and transformation of the Filipino LGBT over the past ten years. The documentary is a special production by GMA7 as a tenth-year marker to “OUT!”— the first and only magazine show for LGBT which GMA7 boldly launched in 2014. At that time OUT! made television history by serving as a platform for social awareness and education on LGBT issues. OUT&PROUD! will be aired by GMA7 on June 22, 2014 (Sunday) at 1030PM. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Vicky Morales, the documentary aims to articulate important LGBT issues such as Gay Marriage and the Philippines as a Gay-Friendly country.

The “Revelations” table exhibit will be brought to other venues in the country in the coming months to advocate for the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Bill at the Senate and House of Representatives. Niccolo Cosme and his fellow-artists advocate for a society that is non-discriminatory and non-judgmental, a social and political environment that enables individuals and communities to claim their sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) rights. With this new exhibit, Niccolo shares his aspirations for a world where REVELATIONS can be made without anxiety, without fear.

New York //

Gallery director and art historian Tally Beck will give a brief talk about Niccolo Cosme’s work in the context of religious imagery.

The visual language of Filipino Catholicism sprang directly from Counter-Reformation styles in 16th-century Spain. Cosme’s personified photographs reflect the drama of this esthetic through his hyperrealist, contemporary interpretations. We will look at some famous examples from art history and discuss how and why the line between religious and sexual ecstasy became increasingly blurred and how Cosme quotes and appropriates these highly symbolic images.

We will begin with a Tiger Beer and Mizu Shochu 美鶴乃舞 cocktail reception at 6:00 pm. The talk will start around 7:30 pm.

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